Tallents Solicitors as Land Agents

Tallents Solicitors as Land Agents


We have a fascinating insight into the daily activities of a Georgian solicitor through the Diaries of Godfrey Tallents (1812-1877), edited by Dr Richard A. Gaunt (2010), and reproduced HERE with his kind permission.

The diaries of Godfrey Tallents

The Diaries of Godfrey Tallents, 1829-1839

The extracts reproduced on our website reveal that Tallents Solicitors worked with a wide range of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire clients, including the earls of Yarborough, and the Herons of Stubton Hall, in addition to being Land Agents for the Dukes of Newcastle and the Sutton family of Kelham Hall.

Tallents Solicitors were Land Agents for the Dukes of Newcastle in the 19 Century

This legal service ensured that the firm of Tallents Solicitors played a crucial role in the political affairs of Newark throughout the 19th Century and proved that the firm held a privileged place in the management of local aristocratic and gentry affairs.

The firm was also heavily involved in the many legal issues arising from the management of the Foss Dyke within the county.


The Trent Navigation Company (1783) was formed to improve and maintain the navigation on the River Trent between the Wilden Ferry and Gainsborough, and the junctions with various other canals. The River Trent was a valuable and important means of transportation for people and goods at a time when paved roads were very few and far between.

Mr William Edward Tallents was the Clerk to the Trent Navigation Company from 1814 to 1835, followed by his son, Mr Godfrey Tallents and then Mr William Edward Tallents. The Trent Navigation Company ceased to exist in 1940.

Tallents Solicitors continued to provide services as Clerks to the Newark Navigation Commissioners and this family tradition spanning 156 years finally ended when Colonel Hugh Tallents resigned after 52 years as clerk to Newark Navigation Commissioners. However, members of Tallents Solicitors continued to offer advice to the Commissioners, as Mr Jeremy Blatherwick took on the role.