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Breaking the ties – can an agricultural tie be removed?

23rd April 2018

Property which is subject to an agricultural tie will often be offered for sale at a price substantially below market value, potentially making it very attractive to a purchaser. However, it’s important to realise that removing an agricultural tie is not a straightforward process.

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Messing about on the river; watercourses, boundaries and riparian rights – what landowners need to know

19th March 2018
Alistair Millar Land which either has a watercourse flowing across it or abuts a natural watercourse, automatically confers ‘riparian rights’ on the landowner. But what exactly does this mean? Alistair Millar, agricultural solicitor and Partner at Tallents Solicitors, looks at the legal rights in more detail. What is a watercourse? “Firstly,” says Alistair, “it’s important to… Read more

Occupiers’ Liability – who’s responsible for stating the obvious?

19th September 2017
Alistair Millar If a visitor on your land or premises falls and seriously injures themselves, what occupiers’ liability might you have either as the landowner or a tenant? Alistair Millar, Partner at Tallents Solicitors in Southwell and agricultural law specialist, looks at Occupiers’ Liability following a recent landmark decision in the Court of Appeal. Who is… Read more

Grazing agreements – understand the differences between licences and tenancies

2nd June 2017
Grazing agreements As the grazing period of May to October approaches, many landowners will be considering allowing animals to be grazed on their land. At first glance, this makes sense as otherwise unused land will now remain in use and provide a profit to the landowner. Alistair Millar However, this area of agricultural law is quite… Read more

Get off my land! What you need to know about rights of way on agricultural purchases

2nd June 2017
Rights of way on agricultural land Alistair Millar “Agricultural land is of no use to anybody if it cannot be accessed. Individual parcels of land can quite often sit a long way from any adopted highway and it is crucial, when buying such land, to establish the full route of any access and the rights of way,”… Read more