Fixed fee divorce application

At Tallents Solicitors, we understand that the thought of running up large legal bills during a divorce can be worrying.

Tallents Solicitors celebrates 250 years in business in 2024In celebration of our 250th anniversary, we are proud to extend an exclusive fixed fee divorce application service to our valued clients, reaffirming our longstanding commitment to supporting families with integrity and excellence.

Our fixed fee divorce application offer is designed to provide you with transparency and affordability during this crucial period. We aim to alleviate much of the stress associated with divorce proceedings, thereby enabling you to budget effectively without fear of escalating legal bills.

For a set fee, we will handle your entire divorce application process, ensuring that you receive expert legal support without any unexpected costs. This offer includes filing all necessary paperwork, dealing with the court, and providing comprehensive legal advice tailored to your situation.

Family court reforms Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayFixed fee divorce application – details

Our fixed fee divorce application costs £250 plus VAT + a court fee of £593*. The fixed fee offer is available at our Newark and Mansfield offices.

* Court fee will apply unless exemption from the fee can be claimed by the applicant under certain circumstances.

This fixed fee will cover all work for the applicant in straightforward divorce proceedings where the respondent co-operates with the divorce, up to obtaining the divorce final order.

This fixed fee offer does not include any advice or work in relation to children issues or financial matters. As these matters take more time, please note that we will charge our usual hourly rates on a case-by-case basis.

Why choose Tallents Solicitors as your family lawyer?

The fixed fee offer from Tallents Solicitors ensures expert legal services are accessible to a wider range of individuals, irrespective of their financial standing. This inclusive approach reinforces our commitment to supporting the community through equitable and professional legal support.

Our family law team has a wealth of legal experience gained over many years, which means we are equipped to handle any of the family law issues you may be facing.

Our team have been highly trained to handle each case sympathetically and efficiently, so you can be sure we are always on your side.

Next steps

To make an appointment for a fixed fee meeting, please call 01636 671881.

Clear legal advice you can trust

We also offer a weekly free phone-in family law clinic at our Southwell office, which is held every Tuesday evening from 5pm-7pm. No appointment is needed to take advantage of this free verbal consultation. Just call 01636 813411 to speak to a solicitor in confidence.