We have been working closely with the farmers of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire for more than nine generations.

Farming clients are an important part of the rural economy of North Nottinghamshire and we pride ourselves in the agricultural law expertise that we have built up serving those clients over the years.

Agricultural law for your business

The farming community has special needs to consider when choosing a legal practice to handle their legal agricultural and rural business matters. Tallents Solicitors act for many such clients and has dealt with a wide range of legal issues on their behalf including:

  • – Farm sales and purchases
  • – Farm business tenancies
  • – Tenancy reviews
  • – Land development
  • – Farm diversification
  • – Quotas
  • – Inheritance tax planning
  • – Agricultural Property Relief (APR)
  • – Succession planning for farmers and landowners
  • – Litigation
  • – Employment issues
  • – Sporting rights
  • – Telecoms lease agreements


Our agricultural law expertise is based on years of practical knowledge of farmers and their industry.

Please follow this link if you’d like to read some of our informative articles on agricultural law.

Agricultural law

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Alistair Millar

Alistair Millar

Agricultural law

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Jeremy Blatherwick

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Agricultural law