Local solicitor, Andy Stout from Tallents in Newark, has been appointed as one of the Nottingham county U14 rugby coaches. Andy will be assisting with the coaching of the U14 rugby squad and involved in county team selection. Andy Stout, partner at Tallents is appointed county rugby coachAndy said:

“Involvement with the county U14s is a great opportunity for me to develop as a coach and learn from others.”

Andy has also stepped up at club level and is now the Corsair coaching coordinator for the mini’s section. Andy is keen that communication between the different age groups within the club should increase and the sharing of experiences, drills, and knowledge should be commonplace, helping to identify best practice. Andy started his volunteer coaching career with the Nottingham Corsairs Under 6s rugby team and in 2010 he was selected to participate in Nottingham Sport’s Talented Coaches Programme. The programme identified a few select talented sports coaches across the region and worked with them to improve the levels of coaching excellence within Nottinghamshire. As well as his coaching, Andy now also mentors a rugby coach from Mansfield Rugby Club. Andy commented:

“In whatever I do, be that law or sports, I’ve always wanted to excel and the Talented Coaching programme has helped me become a better coach for the rugby teams I work with.

“Ongoing it’ll be great to see how players are being developed at county level and I’ll be able to bring these experiences back to the Corsairs rugby club and share them with other coaches to improve rugby training for children in Nottinghamshire.