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March 7, 2016
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Andy, Just wanted to take a moment this morning to say a huge thank you for all your help, support & guidance.

We were talking about costs yesterday and I said to say you were ‘good value for money’ was not fair to you. I hope I didn’t insult you when I said this!

I simply meant that what you have done for me to this point can’t be represented in terms of a monetary value. I know we all have our mortgages to pay, but what you have done has meant so much more to me than cash.

Somehow yesterday I felt some semblance of value return to me as a wife, mother and person, after battling through this process thus far, which has been very, very difficult personally & emotionally.

Thank you at all times for your professionalism, calmness in the face of difficulties, and for holding strong for me!

We were so close yesterday to being able to draw a line under everything, and I am still hopeful that we can resolve this without further court battles, but if it comes to it I know you will help me through it all.

Thank you once again.

~ Ms H, Newark


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