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Farming businesses – how to handle mental or physical incapacity

25th May 2016
The Agriculture, forestry and fishing sector is the riskiest industry sector to work in in the UK, and farming businesses are no exception. Annually there are around 13,000 workers in this sector who are suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their work. Agricultural lawyer, Alistair Millar, Partner at Tallents Solicitors in Southwell comments: “Many… Read more

Grazing agreements – the benefits of licences vs. tenancies

23rd March 2016
Depending on how well they know the horse owner, a farmer may feel that a handshake agreement is all that’s needed, but Alistair Millar, agricultural lawyer at Tallents in Southwell, explains why legal advice should always be sought to assess the benefits of grazing licences verses tenancies. Says Alistair, “It makes good business sense to have a well drafted formal… Read more

Tallents Business Review of the Year 2015

18th December 2015
With more than 240 years of business behind them, Tallents Solicitors watched as the UK economy continued to strengthen in 2015 as it started to emerge from the deepest recession in living memory. JANUARY An increasingly elderly population, living longer than ever before, lead Ann Farnill, Head of Wills, Trusts and Probate, to advise everyone to plan for their future… Read more

Helping landowners understand telecommunication lease agreements

16th October 2015
In today’s financial climate, more and more farmers are tapping into their entrepreneurial spirits and finding ways to use farm assets to generate additional income. One such way has been to allow telecommunication companies to site mobile phone masts on their land. Since the mobile phone market has boomed, lease agreements for the land and the airspace rented to telecommunication… Read more

Tallents Solicitors at the 2015 Southwell Ploughing Match & Show

28th September 2015
The team at Tallents Solicitors were delighted to have a marquee at the 2015 Southwell Ploughing Match & Show. The visitors to our marquee enjoyed fresh doughnuts, pastries and sausage rolls and the children were delighted with their balloons and piggy banks! And best of all, the sun shone brightly down on us all for the whole day. The winners… Read more