Divorce software error on Form E may affect thousands

February 11, 2016
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In December 2015, it was revealed that a government software error may have altered the financial calculations of thousands of divorce settlements made since April 2014.

It is believed that the software glitch affected ‘Form E’, which is an online form that details the divorcee’s finances.

Who is affected by the Form E software error?

It is thought that up to 20,000 people, who filled in the online form themselves may have been affected.

What should I do if I think my Form E may be affected?

If you personally completed Form E online as part of your divorce proceedings, then we would urge you to contact one of our Family Law specialists at Tallents Solicitors urgently,

said Andrew Stout, partner at Tallents in Newark.

Ww can take a look at your Ministry of Justice Form E if you have any concerns about when you used your Form E, and advise you if there may have been an error in calculating either yours or your ex-spouse’s assets and liabilities.

The error on Form E only affects those who completed the form online themselves.

Seek legal advice if you think your Form E may be affected

Andrew says:

The software glitch does not affect Form E’s that have been completed by a lawyer, such as Tallents, as we use our own legal software for the preparation of Form E.

We know that divorce is a trying an expensive time, so that’s why at Tallents Solicitors, we provide fixed fees for:

  • – checking your previously submitted Form E,
  • – preparing your new Form E using our own software.

Andrew finishes:

If you require advice for your divorce, we can also offer fixed fees. Just contact us for friendly, expert advice.

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