Explaining the role of a Notary Public

June 23, 2017
Jackie Watts Notary Public

You might have come across the term Notary Public but do you know why you might need one and how they differ from a solicitor?

Jackie Watts is a Notary Public and also a complex property law specialist at Tallents Solicitors in Southwell

Jackie Watts, Solicitor and Notary Public

Jackie Watts, solicitor and Notary Public at Tallents Solicitors explains when you might need the services of one.

Says Jackie:

Although most Notaries are qualified solicitors, a Notary does not perform the same function as a solicitor.

Jackie explains further,

A Notary holds an internationally recognised public legal office. The duty and function of a Notary is to prepare, attest, authenticate, verify and certify deeds and other documents, for use anywhere in the world.

Their signature and official seal renders the documents acceptable, as proof of the matter attested by them, to the judicial or other public authorities in the country where they are to be used.

Notary Public services at Tallents SolicitorsLike most Notaries, Jackie first qualified as a solicitor and then undertook a further two-year post graduate qualification, based at the University of Cambridge to train as a Notary. Once she was academically qualified, Jackie then had to provide evidence that she was a suitable person to be admitted as a Notary by the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a Notary is actually an official of the ecclesiastical court.

Jackie enjoys the variety of additional work that being a Notary Public brings to her:


I do quite a mixture of work for individuals and companies in my capacity as a Notary as I can provide authentication for almost any document, event or transaction.

I prepare and witness a lot of Powers of Attorney for people who are buying property or land abroad and I have been asked to verify personal certificates and qualifications for people wishing to work abroad or who might be emigrating.

For anyone wishing to get married abroad, I can also verify their identification and marital status, a formality which will be required before they can proceed with the wedding.

There is also increasing caution over grandparents and other relatives travelling outside the UK with other people’s children on holiday and I have been asked to do quite a few certificates to evidence the parents’ consent to the child travelling abroad.

I also deal with documents relating to foreign Wills and estate administration for overseas property.

And for companies, I authenticate and certify company and business documents needed to enable them to set up foreign subsidiaries or conduct financial transactions abroad, I can also authenticate the signature of foreign contracts.

Jackie provides valuable services to clients in an area that stretches from Lincoln to Nottingham. If you need the services of a Notary Public, then please call Jackie on 01636 813411 to arrange an appointment today.

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