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October 25, 2017
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To streamline court-based business dispute resolution, the High Court’s business specialist courts will now come together under one umbrella term, namely the “Business & Property Courts of England and Wales” (B&PCs).

In addition to the main court in London, which is also the largest dedicated business dispute resolution centre in the world, there will also be five regional courts in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff.

Stephanie Whitchurch discusses the new Business & Property Courts of England and Wales

Stephanie Whitchurch

Stephanie Whitchurch, solicitor and senior litigator at Tallents Solicitors in Newark says:

The B&PCs combine the business specialist courts, comprising the Commercial Court, the Mercantile Court, the Technology and Construction Court and the courts of the Chancery Division.

It is hoped that the new umbrella term will be more easily understood by both the domestic and international business and legal communities.

With Brexit on the horizon, there is a desire to ensure that the international business community continues to understand the value of English law and the exceptional dispute resolution services provided here in the UK.  Some of the current names for the courts, like Chancery and Mercantile, are considered by many people to be obscure, antiquated and not readily understood either at home or abroad.


She continues:

From now on, the combining of these courts means that all businesses with a dispute will be able to have their cases heard in a specialist Business & Property court near to the region where their businesses are located, which in turn will significantly reduce waiting times for trials.

Additionally, as procedures and practices will be the same across all courts, then High Court judges will be able to move between the Business & Property courts easily and provide their expertise and experience to help resolve relevant cases.

Stephanie comments:

From 2018, there will also be a digital “highway” between the B&PCs in London and the regions, which will allow for the electronic issuing of claims currently only available in London. This will enhance connections between the courts and speed up proceedings considerably.

Stephanie finishes:

It is important for all parties involved in a business dispute that it is resolved quickly and efficiently. At Tallents we know that the cost of litigation can be significant and that’s why we can help clients resolve business disputes through negotiation or mediation.

However, if all else fails and the dispute goes to court, then the B&PCs will make this process much smoother for all parties involved. If you would like further information, then please contact Stephanie Whitchurch on 01636 671881.

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