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October 29, 2015
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Tallents Solicitors in Mansfield is pleased to announce that we will be taking part in Will Aid in November 2015.

We will waive our fee for drawing up a basic Will and instead invite our clients to donate to the Will Aid group of charities.

The suggested minimum donation £95 for a single basic Will and £150 for mirror Wills.

What is Will Aid?

Will Aid has raised over £15 million since its launch over 25 years ago and an estimated £95 million has been pledged as legacies by people making their Will through the scheme. The campaign is proud to have helped more than 275,000 to write a proper Will with a professional solicitor.

The money raised is shared by the nine Will Aid charities* and is used to transform the lives of people in the UK and around the world.

Why have a Will?

Having an up to date and properly written Will is the only way to be sure that your money and possessions will be distributed according to your wishes. It is also the only certain way to avoid difficulties for your relatives and friends after your death. By making a Will with Will Aid you will be protecting your loved ones’ future and helping to raise money to support the vital work of the Will Aid charities.

How can I make a Will?

For further information or to make an appointment to make a Will please call: Elizabeth Rees at Tallents Solicitors in Mansfield on 01623 666700. Please note that Will Aid is only available at our Mansfield office.

What do I need to make a Will?

Will Aid have prepared a simple checklist for you to complete prior to your appointment with a solicitor. It will guide you through the key questions you need to ask yourself in order to complete a will. Read the checklist here.

Together we can make a real difference to your loved ones security in the future and at the same time help the thousands of people in the UK and around the world helped by the Will Aid charities. Thank you!

*The Will Aid charities are: ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF (Scotland) and Trocaire (N. Ireland).

Tallents Solicitors in Mansfield is taking part in Will Aid in November 2015 will aid Will Aid November 2015
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