Tallents staff help out at Reach Learning Disability

Tallents Solicitors volunteering at Reach Learning Disability as part of their 250 Anniversary Celebrations
June 5, 2024
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Tallents Solicitors has always been deeply rooted in the communities they serve and during our 250th Anniversary Year, we are honouring these values by volunteering at several local charities throughout the year.

Here, the staff put on their gardening gloves and put their backs into helping out the staff at Reach Learning Disability, a Nottinghamshire charity supporting people with learning disabilities to live happier, healthier lives in their community.

Their centres Reach Southwell, Reach Newark, Reach Mansfield, Flower Pod and Flower Pod Newark support people with learning disabilities to enjoy a better quality of life in their own community, by offering courses, social activities, holidays and best practice projects to find new solutions to problems.

On one visit, the staff from Tallents Solicitors included our Senior Partner Alistair Millar, Partner Vili Chung and Practice Manager, Helen Hopkins enjoyed some sunshine at the Flower Pod, while helping out with the weeding in the charity’s fruit cages and vegetable patches.

After the second #TeamTallents visited the Flower Pod, Centre Manager Samantha Daikin said: “Thank you for joining us at Flower Pod today. The clients and staff really enjoyed having you on site and the fantastic work you and your colleagues have made in revamping our fruit cages. It was so kind of you to purchase the log roll edging, so the project could be completed.

“I do hope we will see you all again. As I discussed it is important for our clients to engage in social interaction with their community, many of which apart from the Day Services they attend experience social isolation. The day has certainly brightened their spirits and mine.”

Well done #TeamTallents once again!



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