Do I need a licence to play music in my business?
April 18, 2019
Business law Commercial law

Do I need a licence to play music in my business?

There are many regulations and laws that small business owners need to be aware of and one that we see many fall foul of is not having the correct licences to play music on their premises...

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Matrimonial assets – who has rights to trusts when divorcing
March 21, 2019
Family law

Matrimonial assets – who has rights to trusts when divorcing?

Money and matrimonial assets are often hotly disputed during a divorce and even more so when it involves high net worth individuals or family members, says

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Alistair Millar discusses why farming partnerships need to clearly define who owns partnership assets via a partnership agreement
March 18, 2019
Agricultural law Property law

Farming in partnership – who owns the partnership assets?

The recent ruling in the case of Wild vs Wild has once again highlighted the importance...

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February 21, 2019
Employment law Employment law Specialisms

Upcoming employment law changes in 2019 that every employer should know

Employment law changes in 2019 It’s going to be a busy year for employers in 2019 as there are several key employment law changes occurring throughout the year that every employer should...

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January 31, 2019
Family law

Tallents Solicitors supports staff training and development

Tallents Solicitors is...

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Make a Will in November and support Will Aid
January 24, 2019
Trust and probate Wills

Who should you trust to write your Will?

The start of a new year brings many new resolutions and is a great time to also tidy up loose ends, such as writing your Will. But who do you trust to write your Will? It’s an important document...

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Tallents Solicitors have offices in Newark, Southwell and Mansfield
December 21, 2018
All Tallents Articles Articles

A legal look back over 2018

Since another year seems to have gone by in a flash, we thought it might be helpful to take a look back on key legal events throughout 2018. JANUARY

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No-fault divorce aim to reduce conflict between divorcing couples
November 27, 2018
Andrew Stout Family law

Keeping kids first during Good Divorce Week

Keeping kids first helps minimise fallout from family breakdown   Good Divorce Week, 26–30 November 2018 A Newark family lawyer is campaigning for a change in the divorce...

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Make a Will in November and support Will Aid
November 15, 2018

A Will – can you afford not to have one?

The number of people who don’t have a Will in the UK is now at its highest level, according to

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